Three tips to prepare for professional hardwood refinishing

Three tips to prepare for professional hardwood refinishing

When it’s time for sanding hardwood floors and hardwood refinishing, you’ll want to know what to do to prepare for this service. The good news is that it’s easier than you think, even in multiple rooms.

Hardwood floor refinishing, as a service, adds years of lifespan to your flooring and gives you stunning results. Here's how to plan for results with guests thinking you installed brand new flooring.

Clear out the room we will refinish

We will discuss this before refinishing begins to ensure it doesn’t stall your installation. Clear the room of all furniture, wall hangings, and other valuables before your wood floor refinishing team arrives.

Our teams are licensed and insured, but we know you can’t replace pieces with deep sentimental value. In these cases, it’s better to move them to a safer location while the work is in progress.

Clean flooring surfaces

Sweep or vacuum any loose dirt or debris, so it doesn't hamper your hardwood refinishing team. This step ensures the fastest possible service, with results you're sure to love.

Ensure technician needs are met once they arrive

Ensure the HVAC unit is running so that the hardwood floor refinishing process goes more smoothly, from start to finish. You’ll also want to supply easy access to electrical outlets for any necessary tools we will use during the refinishing service.

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At Galaxy Discount Flooring, we care about your best flooring results, no matter how large or small the wood floor refinishing task. So, we'll ensure your needs are met when you tell us what you need most.

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